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Thread: Dicrossus filamentosus

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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    I have about 20-25 tank raised D. filamentosus young adults for sale. I bought the parents from a member as a potential subspecies D. filamentosus "Kolumbia" (if the member reads this and find I am incorrect please correct me). The fish are between 1.5-2.5 inches. I can recognize a male or two, but am selling them unsexed because I don't want to feel bad about selling a pair and it not being a pair.

    I'd prefer to sell in bags of 5-6 for $5/fish so you should get at least 1 pair if you buy 5-6 fish. So $25 or $30 for a bag of 5 or 6 fish. I think that's pretty fair.

    I use RO water and mix it with aged tap. Here is the best part. They were raised on BBS and flake. Yup. soft water dwarfs that eat flake...

    Please PM me if interested. I live in South Forsyth and would gladly meet someone today or this week after work in the Alpharetta/Cumming area. I'm free every day but this Tuesday.

    Cumming, GA

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    $86 views and no takers??? These are awesome fish. Anyone want to make an offer for some of them. I'd much rather spread to club members, who I know will keep them right, than go to aquabid.


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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    These are awesome fish and that's a great price, plus captive bred is excellent! Problem is no space, haha!

    Got any pictures? That always helps
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    Great idea Tropical. I'll take some and post.


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    ill take some for sure. 10-12. i could meet this weekend at your place, or somewhere in between. I have some albino bristlenose plecos i can trade, and cory cats, and some aspidoras too.

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    Mountain man,
    Text me what times might be good for you...

    Rick Kraft

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    If you have any that are starting to show male traits, I'd definitely be interested in some. I got a group of six filamentosus elsewhere, and I'm pretty sure I have all females. I realize you can't guarantee sex, but if you have any that are showing signs of a lyrate tail, I'd be happy to have them.


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