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Thread: Attempt to Black water set up

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    Attempt to Black water set up

    Hi all,

    This is my attempt to Black Water ( extremely low maintenance set up )

    Plz note it's not a biotope set up.... rather its an attempt to keep small tetra at optimum health with close to No maintenance ....

    Set up details :

    Tank : 10 G petco tank
    Filter : sponge filter run by air pump
    Fish : Glow light tetra
    Decor : Pool filter sand as substrate , drift n bog wood , lots of Indian​ almond leaves
    Plants : bunch of Amazon frogbit (MUST)
    Light : T5HO 24 watt ( 6500 K) , needs to be on 12 hrs in a day (MUST)

    Concept : PH of my set up is close to 6.8

    Leaf litter from almomd leaf lower the PH at the same time it provides benefits to fish health....PH provides a key role in this set up.

    Normally for fish ammonia NH3 is poisonious but ammonium NH4+ is not ( though v high concentration of NH4+ may result in burn , but im low concentration its not that poisonious im compare to NH3)

    Now as PH of my setup is nearing 6.8 then most of the ammonia is converted to ammonium nh4+ n readily consumed by Amazon the amount of ammonium is decreased by plant absorbtion, more n more ammonia get converted into ammonium and get sucked up by amazon frogbit...

    So the setup in actual may not need any cycling... still i put one sponge filter as back up n take up excess ammonia ( if any)

    I have 5 glow light tetra n in future will add 4 more...

    CAUTION : in such set up .... Water change can b deadly to lifestock as it may cause PH rather not to do that..n if i want to do, ill have water parameters specially PH matching the tank PH....

    Also keep the tank low in stocking...ill nit exceed more than 10 glow light tetra....

    Comments n suggestions r welcome

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    Very nice, looking forward to updates

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    Look at the shoots ...... Ammonia ,no2 ,no3 all 0...

    no water change so far ... Only top up

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    I love it1 You surely know how to take good care of your tank, it looks good.

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    Thanks .... Ill like to encourage people using almond leaves in tank.... Its awesome....

    Also people should read about Diana walstad's ecology of planted tank where she has demonstrated low maintenance tank with plants...this set up follows her principles ..

    CAUTION : in such set up , one should always maintain low fish stock keep balance... overcrowding might cause issue

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    you will have babies before long...especially if you can feed some live foods

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    Amazon frogbit to giveaway...any1 wants

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    Just look how mature the set up has become.....

    No ammonia , nitrite n nitrate

    Fishes r healthy

    I do have to pick up amazon frogbit out of the setup to provide more swimming space for fishes

    M extremely happy with this set time will replace glow light with cardinals

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