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Thread: 30g to 36g Tank Move

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    30g to 36g Tank Move

    Hi everyone!

    Inspired by Jakub's talk, I applied some of the concepts to a tank move. The "fishieboops" tank is a community tank I maintain for my son's entertainment. The previous setup was a little top-heavy, and I didn't want his enthusiasm to turn into a disaster.

    So here goes: soil and rocks. Unlike Jakub, I only spent about 20 minutes and 1 beer mulling over the composition of the hardscape.


    Next are the plants. Bah gawd I have seen the light, I was an idiot for trying to plant in tanks with water above the soil line. It was soooooooo much easier!


    Paper towel time. My favorite part.


    The next picture is of the tank immediately after filling it and adding the fish back. I'm stunned at how clear the water is. Pouring a slow stream of water over the towels is totally the way to go. No soil clouding, no grinding of the filter impeller on sand or soil....


    And then the following morning, less than 10 hours after setup.


    Really great advice from Jakub's talk. The layout and composition skill will come with practice. Thanks again for a great talk!

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    Awesome Heather! You just put a huge smile on my face by using some of the methods I presented on. =)

    Please keep us updated!
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