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Thread: I'm Alex!

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    I'm Alex!

    Hello everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Alex Burleson, and I'm located in Warner Robins, Georgia. Fish and aquariums have quite literally, always been apart of my life, and at this point I suffer from MTS, (Multiple Tank Syndrome) and I hear there's no cure! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    At present I maintain nine aquariums total, with more to come! I have an assortment of "biotypes" from a reef tank, to a tannin stained aquarium, to a GloFish tank. My niche in this hobby are nano fish, uncommon fish, and more recently, endangered species. I maintain a small population of Xiphophorus couchianus, or the Monterrey Platy, that I acquired from the auction in March of this year. I also have a small population of panda loaches, and a breeding pair of betta unimaculata that I won at the IBC in Gainesville, FL this past weekend; the male is holding eggs as we speak! So excited!)

    Get used to seeing me around the forum more often, because I plan to be here!

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    Welcome! You'll need to post some pics!


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    Welcome, Alex!
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    Welcome aboard Alex! Wild platies are some of my favorite fish ever.

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    Welcome Alex!!!! Awesome to finally see you sign up and join the AAAA forums!
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    Hello hello

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    Welcome to the group :)

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    Looking forward to seeing some panda loaches at auction!!! Haha! Welcome to the club!

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