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Thread: Species variants

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    Species variants

    Are variants of the same species counted for HAP or is each species on its own regardless of variants available. i.e. Narrow Leaf vs Broad Leaf vs Windelov Java fern? Would that be 3 separate entries or just 1?
    David Mercer
    AAAA BoD

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    I absolutely defer this to Ken. From a BAP angle, I believe variants of the same fish have always been counted as equal and only count once. i.e. Long fin BN = Albino BN = Regular BN.

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    On the Java Fern, they all count as one species, as they are all Microsorum pteropus. The leaves look different, but care is identical for all variants. So, unfortunately, Microsorum pteropus can only be submitted for points once. (Which is a shame, as it is a 15 point plant!)


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