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Thread: Hi everybody!

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    Hi everybody!

    My name is Tia, and my Fiancée Ryan and I joined the association a couple months back, just in time for the spring auction. We are located in Marietta, and currently have 6 variously sized and purposes tanks running, another 4 in the carport waiting for some TLC.

    I am absolutely in love with my various fish, and when I found out how much Ryan loved the hobby we HAD to have tanks.

    I am looking forward to getting to know the members of the club, making friends, trading fish, and hope to make my first entires into the BAP program soon! Ryan is excited about the HAP program and is happily tending his 75g planted with all the great things he keeps picking up at the auctions.

    Please say hi to us at the Picnic!!!

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    Hello! Nice to see you guys on the forums! Also thank you for coming to my presentation the other week =)

    See you guys at the BBQ!
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    Welcome to the forum and if I didn't say it before welcome to the club! Great to have you both.


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