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Thread: 10 Gallon with Aqueon LED Hood - $25

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    Cool 10 Gallon with Aqueon LED Hood - $25

    Just kidding, it's $20 now, the board won't let me edit the title.


    All LEDs work, tank passed overnight leak test. I can't take all my tanks with me when I (eventually) move!

    Look at that sleek, sexy, low profile hood! Pickup in the Doraville area. Can meet in Chamblee, Tucker, Norcross, and Emory areas.
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    Am I being teased? ;)

    Fine, $20.

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    Ommggg you're killing me! I reaaaaallllyyy want to get it, but I just got 4 ten gallons a few weeks ago, and my fiance would kill me

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    Maybe I'll have to get it anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Burleson View Post
    Maybe I'll have to get it anyways
    Awww, too late. SOLD SOLD SOLD. Admin, please lock.

    PS: nice betta in your profile pic. :)

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