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Thread: selling my fish

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    selling my fish

    Unfortunately, due to a few things I have to sell off my fish. Here's whats left.
    20161005_121438.jpggroup of 4 Marlboro red discus fish. They are around the 5" range. $300

    20170621_185821.jpgMale red dragon flowerhorn cichlid around 6'' $60
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    Alright so after being told I have a male/female pair by a few peaple and being told I have both females by others. Im not sure exactly what sex they are. I will be selling as just Red draggon flowerhorns. No guarantee on the sex.

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    what are you asking for them for

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    Still have a pair of discus for $140. The flowerhorns are both available still, $80 for them.
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    $70 for both Flowerhorns. They are now around 7 inches.

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    Only one flowerhorn left! It is around 6-7 inches in size. I am asking $50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zackery View Post
    Only one flowerhorn left! It is around 6-7 inches in size. I am asking $50.
    Is the flowerhorn still available?

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