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Thread: Fish room still growing.

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    Fish room still growing.

    It's been a while since I posted here, but never left the hobby. I think in the three year hiatus of not going to club meetings we added two 125 gallon tanks to our fish room. Between starting a new business and having twin grand babies move in, life has been a challenge.

    Anyway I thought I would share some pictures. The room now has 4 tanks 125-135 gallon and a 20 gallon. One tank has the Angels, one for Australians and about 100 or so pineapple sword-tails in one tank. The sword-tails were purchased three years ago on our last visit at a club meeting where we picked up 6 at the auction. The Angels were purchased from Pierre about four years ago and are all healthy. One tank has the Australians and the final 120 gallon tank is empty, (currently contemplating what to do with it). As far as filtration it is a mixed bag using Fluval, Magnums, Ehiems etc. I recently upgraded to LED's which I'm really liking a lot and keeps the heat down, not to mention the power bill. In the winter, I run a common space heater, 600 watts and it keeps the room nice and warm and I no longer have to worry about multiple tank heaters.

    Anyway that is about it. Were looking at the schedules for the up-coming meetings and will be back sometime in the near future!
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    Awww, I LOVE pineapple/neon swords. Happy to hear they're fruitful! ;)

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    Bring some of the swords to the next meeting for the mini-auction, and you'll likely have eager buyers.

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    AND you can get Breeder Points for them! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by canoe View Post
    Bring some of the swords to the next meeting for the mini-auction, and you'll likely have eager buyers.
    Sounds like a plan!

    When we first purchased the original 6 at the Fern Bank club meeting auction, all appeared to be female. Then two started to show their swords. Those two were extremely aggressive towards each other in this 125 gallon tank with just 6 little fish. Now out of 100-120, I would say 20% are males and they all seem to get along just fine. We have about 10 females that are getting ready to drop plenty of fry, so the population is growing rapidly and we need to part ways with some. I'm always into trading for nice plants if anyone is interested.


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