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Thread: Grow your tank

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    Grow your tank

    Just a little demonstration of what a 20gal Long can grow to in a little over a year... No ferts, no CO2, light fish stocking (4 peacock gudgeon). Current plants are: dwarf hair-grass, several amazon sword of various sizes, and a large crypt. Almost all of these were divided from parents plants in my other tanks. (I also grow anubias but have none in this tank) First photo was taken April 2016, second August 2017. IMG_4611.jpgIMG_0434.jpg

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    Very nice progression shot! Looking great! Keep up the good work =)
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    WOW! Amazing amazon. Well done

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    What's the name of the big beautiful plant in the middle again ? (large crypt) ??? ... I googled it but couldn't find that plant.

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    Amazon Sword
    - Jeremy

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