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Thread: What tank size will fit?

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    What tank size will fit?

    I am doing some remodeling at my house. I will have a spot I want to put a new tank. The wall I want to put it on will be 48″. I really like a 75 gallon but by the time the width of the stand is added it will not fit. Looking for advice on a tank and stand that will fit or possible info on a custom tank builders in the area. I want to good a big as possible.

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    Yeah, 48" tanks have a plastic rim that makes them 48 1/4". Stands can add another couple of inches.

    The next largest regular size that I know of is 36".

    As for custom... I have never used the service, but a quick google search lead me to , and I know there was at least one more company that I saw at ARC's expo last year for local custom glass and acrylic. But it would likely to cheaper to make the hole 1/4 inch bigger.
    - Jeremy

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    Thanks for the info, after doing a little work it looks like I will have a closer to 49.5-50" so I may be able to make/buy a custom stand instead of a custom tank


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