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Thread: Plant ID

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    Plant ID

    I'm pretty sure these are jungle val growing emerged right? Ran across around 1000 square foot section of a stream full of them.

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    Val's are 100% aquatic and can't grow emeresed, so don't think that's what you have. These look like a variety of Sagitaria (Dwarf Sag) native to the southeast and can be grown emeresed or submersed.

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    That's what they look like to me, too. Does anyone happen to have a couple of plants they can spare? I need to get my colony going again. The wife decided it was "taking over" and pulled it all out of the tank, but I'd like to get it going again.

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    I would agree with Sam. Looks like a Sagitaria species.
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    How come they never understand "Taking Over" is what we want?
    - Jeremy

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    Sigh, you said it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mog Carns View Post
    How come they never understand "Taking Over" is what we want?


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