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Thread: 911 Lost power

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    911 Lost power

    Lost power.
    Discus planted tank

    What is most important.... Heat or O2?
    75g Planted Discus tank

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    In my opinion, short term is oxygen. All fish can take limited time at non optimum temperatures, but oxygen is critical to life. Any surface agitation will oxygenate the water

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    What's critical is having a couple of UPS power backups. Best $100 you'll ever spend.

    Quote Originally Posted by mstamper View Post
    Lost power.
    Discus planted tank

    What is most important.... Heat or O2?
    The 'other' Larry

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    I lost power on the Fish House. Off for almost 2 days. If it had gone longer I would have borrowed a generator and plugged in the air. If it was winter then I would worry about the heat but not this time of year. Tank temp dropping into the 70's for a couple of days is ok. I am now in the market for a generator. My discus were all in excellent shape when I dii large water changes this afternoon.
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    Everyone should check out the collection of post-Irma reports by Amazonas at

    The reports from Florida are instructive, as the respondents include their own "what we would do differently next time" assessments. Some rather upsetting pictures too.
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