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Thread: Need 3-4 strong folks

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    Need 3-4 strong folks

    Got a 180 in the garage. I filled it up with vinegar water, soaked it, and scrubbed all the way down as far as I could. Suctioned all but two inches of water out of it, and hit a road block.

    It's on the stand.

    I can't move it to finish cleaning or get the remaining water out, because it weighs 400 pounds (plus the ten-twenty gallons of water in the bottom).

    I need a few willing people to help me move it off the stand into the yard so I can finish scrubbing it, move the stand into the house, then put the tank on the stand.

    I'm more than willing to buy pizza and beer (or whatever you want to drink). I don't expect it to take longer than 3 hours, if that.

    My brother offered, but ... he's never moved a fish tank, and even with him, the roomie, and me we won't be able to move it because I have a bad shoulder.

    I don't have the money to pay someone to move it, and the roomie refuses to. So I'm left here, begging for help.

    Everything will go in through the front door, which has 2-3 steps up. No stairs other than that.

    We have cats, and I have a snake (in an enclosure) so there's that heads-up just in case.

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    What day are you looking at doing it?

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    Doesn't matter. My schedule is pretty open. I have appointments on Wednesdays at 3 that last an hour, but that's it.

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    Where do you live?

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    Gahh, gmail sent all my notifications to my spam folder. Sorry! I live in Mableton, about a mile from Austell city limits.


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