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Thread: Gelius barbs not eating.

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    Gelius barbs not eating.

    I got these guys at auction - major brought them (I sent a PM but not reply yet).

    I can't seem to get them to eat. I've tried frozen daphnia, micro pellets, micro bug bites, mosquito larvae, and they won't touch it. I have some frozen micro mysis I could try, but ... I'm concerned that they won't touch anything I've offered yet.

    No one near me sells any live food other than brine, and they're so tiny the brine are going to be too big to eat.

    They're active, swimming around all over the tank, but ... not eating. The cherry shrimp however are - they're eating everything that falls to the bottom (I feed a tiny pinch).

    I don't know what to do at this point. I considered raising brine, but then I remembered I tried it not too long ago and failed spectacularly. Raising live food isn't a skill I possess apparently.

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    Did not get any pm .I have a large shool of these and am feeding micro worms,small white worms and very fine dry food.Except for the worms I don't see them eating but they are always picking in the java moss and gravel .If they are active in your tank they are probably eating as they pick around

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    I guess I can crush up flakes for them then. That's all I have that you're feeding. I'll keep trying with the micro pellets too. At least the shrimp like them.


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