• 10-15-2017
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    Always big, always eagerly anticipated, always a great time ... the Fall Auction is October 15 at the Windy Hill Community Center.

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    Thread: Fall Auction: 10-15-2017

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      correct, dry good do not go into the general auction, they are sold on the buy it now tables
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      So the auction is just for fish only? And do I have to put a price on the dry goods instead of letting it go for whatever someone decides to pay for it? I had no idea. I'm used to the mini auctions where everything is up for sale. Do I have to go back to that page and delete everything off that isn't a fish?

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      No keep everything there, just when you get there in the morning you will put a sales slip on everything. On that you will put how much you want for it and the item number. When someones wants to buy it they will take the slip up to the dry goods desk and check it out. If the item isn't selling you can adjust the price as the day goes on.

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      You will use that number on the dry good slip! Don't delete them!

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      If it just isn't selling for the price you put on it and you want to lower the price during the auction, you can. Just get with the person who is running the dry goods area and they will help you with this.
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      Okay. Thank you all for clearing this up. I was really confused.

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      Is the auction on the 14th or 15th?

      Thread says 15th, but events says:
      Pre-Auction Dinner: 10-14-2017 Fall Auction: 10-14-2017

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      Auction is this Sunday 10/15/17. There is a meeting the day before(10/14/17) at Fuddruckers on windyhill rd.

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      Google Calendar is available.

      if you use Google Calendar already...
      (copy and paste om into that little box below "Other Calendars" in Google Calendar. Click the little square to the left of the name below that box when it shows up, and assign a color.)

      Google Calendar ID om

      ***remove the space in .com . The forum refuses to post it without a space, and it will not work with it***

      If you are using Outlook or some other calendar program, you can import the calendar with one of the two below links:

      Import ical

      Import html
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      I don't think I will make it in the morning so if I come in at noon, can I put some items in for auction?

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