Hi y'all! My name is Janie Smith. I live in Savannah ga.
30 some odd years ago, I was a aquarium loving Beast!
I had over 30 tanks from 1 gallon micro reef, to an 800 gallon diy in the wall coral grow out tank.

Time marched on, and after the birth of my special needs son, I broke down and eliminated all.

Time once again has passed, so I'm Back!

This will be my first planted freshwater aquarium.
Pictures below detailing different aspects.
By the way. ... I honestly dislike paying for anything I can build / make.
1) 42 gallon bow front aquarium. 7 years old freshwater driftwood that lived in a dried flower arrangement all these years. I baked it overnight before adding to the arrangement. 3 zip lock bagged bricks are holding it down while it saturates again. 2 bags of Flourite, but adding a sifted soil later, to plant in.

2,3,4, and 5 are of my diy refugium. Note: ceramic tile was switched out for cut glass from a ten gallon.
Cat litter box is the bio media and polishing step.
Middle will house all electronic equipment except return pump. (I'm hoping this will also be a nursery.)
Third chamber is the return.

6) The pump for the return.

7, 8) I'm diying the overflow box. 7 is what I am using. 2 of these, to make 8. A separation in the second, drilled for the hose, and attached to a ball valve.

Hopefully in 2 years I'll have one Heck of a show tank.

Lighting : planning minimum 2-3 wpg. Distance 8" from surface. DIY build again.

Co2......researching a build for that, and a way to measure.

So. There it is!

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