I quit Facebook. Didn't need all that drama.

I already live with enough. Eight cats, a burmese python, five aquariums, and a man-child (the roomie). Don't ask me to apologize for that last bit either, because you'll be waiting until Hades freezes over.

In all honesty, I'm going to ask my psychologist to help find me a decent, safe place to live on my own. I may have to rehome my two kitties and my snake, but blunt truth .... I can't take this anymore. He saddled me with the fish, the cats, the housework, and the yardwork. The 210g reef is on the brink of crashing because I'm so overwhelmed I cannot do anything to fix it. I don't have the energy anymore. I have full-blown severe PTSD, which he is very aware of and chooses not to care about. I need a better environment than this. If he's not going to help me, I can't do all of this on my own. It's not fair to me, a concept he doesn't seem to understand. I pay rent to him. I don't live here for free.

So there you go, the full unedited truth. I'm not looking for pity - I'm just letting everyone know in case I quit showing up to meetings. I'm already considering bagging up every fish I own and selling it at auction, along with the tanks and equipment.