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Thread: Weather loach with fungus

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    Weather loach with fungus

    I've got a four to five inch weather loach with white cottony stuff on his head. Looks to be fungus. I've already gone three rounds of Kanaplex, and it's come back. I don't know what else to do for him. He's in a community tank with other scaleless fish, plus angels, tetras, rams, kribs, and acaras. He's such a cute little guy (or girl, sexing them is beyond me), I really don't want to lose him but what else can I do for him?0925171440_HDR.jpg Sorry the photo uploaded sideways. It wasn't like that in the folder I had it stored in.

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    Never mind the advice. He died today. I couldn't save him. I really think I'm going to be done with fish for a while. I'm putting a lot up for auction, in fact. If I could put saltwater stuff up, I might put that up too.

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    We do get the occasional saltwater fish at the auction.

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

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    Just had the same thing happen w/ my weather loaches I got from a LFS. All four died rather quickly and took a few catfish as well (what I get for not quarantining) - but didn't bother the normal scaled fish in the least. It took them out QUICK. I treated w/ Kanaplex as well - but too late in the game realized it may have been Columnaris - I'm treating the tank w/ Metro as well now just to make sure it gets wiped out of the tank.

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    I do not believe that kanamycin is effective against any fungi. According to wikipedia kanamycin interferes with the 30S bacterial ribosome. Unless there is another ingredient in Kanaplex besides kanamycin, I think trying to use it to treat a fungal infection is a futile exercise.

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    What do folks think is the best treatment for Comumnaris - or for fungal infections? I lost two scaled fish this morning - that had shown no symptoms when I went to bed. The water parameters are perfect - I'm just dealing w/ something bad and stressed fish from a tough bout before they entered my tank. I have one bristle pleco that has been showing white cotton looking stuff coming out of one of his gills - otherwise looks ok. All the other fish are acting normal and look fine.


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