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Thread: Clearing out everything

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    Clearing out everything

    Hello all,

    Okay, so I've finally come to the realization that I just don't have the time and/or energy to keep up with the hobby like I have in the past. Bad news for me, Great news for you.

    I've just found out that I can make it to the auction this Sunday. Let me know if you're interested in anything and I can meet you there.

    I've decided to liquidate all my tanks and equipment cheap. The only catch is that you will have to come to me. I am not going to drive all over the greater Atlanta area delivering stuff. Also, I have no way right now of transporting big tanks/stands. I am located almost dead center triangulated in between Dawsonville, Cumming and Gainesville.

    Other than what is listed below, I also have accessories misc aquarium stuff; pieces of marble tile, breeder nets/boxes, shells(escargot and very large apple ~3"+) etc.

    **SOLD** - 40 gallon breeder - - Comes with a single bulb T8 fixture.

    **pending**- 30 gallon 36"x12" footprint - $20

    - 7 gallon bowfront AIO(all in one) - $15 - No lid, Comes with pump.

    - 33 gallon long - $40 - Comes with plastic hoods and lights with extra bulbs

    - 55 gallon / 33 gallon long double stand - $30 - Heavy duty folded metal, not thin scroll work.

    - 12 gallon Aquapod AIO - $70 - Was used as saltwater tank(has coralline algae in tank). Rear of tank was redesigned to allow for a refugium, better flow and an Intank media basket. Comes with:
    Intank media basket (sized for biocube 14, fits well)
    UV sterilizer(needs bulb)
    Used Hydor 425
    Brand new in box Hydor 425
    used Cobalt mj-900 powerjet
    Used Eheim jager heater
    Needs new lights. I had installed Ecoxotic LED's, but they are on their last legs. Quite a few have burnt out. I will include the original light setup that I had replaced.

    I will also throw in any incidentals that I have:
    Refugium substrate (KoraLagoon)
    Coral plugs
    Floating hydrometer/thermometer
    new Purigen and used Purigen(can be recharged)

    - 2x 5 gallon - $10 each - Comes with plastic hoods.

    **SOLD**- 2x 10 gallon - - Comes with hoods, heaters and HOB filters.

    **SOLD**- Double 10 gallon stand - ** If you buy the two 10g tanks, I will throw this stand in for free.

    **pending**- 14 gallon Biocube AIO - $40 - Never used for saltwater, so no coralline algae growth. All original.

    **pending**- 80 gallon - $50 - measures 48.5L x 19.5W x 20.5H

    - 30 gallon cube - $50 - Oceanic brand, super thick glass. Comes with a special ordered hinged glass lid and a new poster background.

    - 7.5 gallon ADA cube - $30 - not one of the cheaper mr aqua tanks.

    **pending** - Roughly 9 gallon sump - $30 - Comes with a ton of bioballs, overflow box, tubing, as far as I know all you need is a pump.

    **SOLD**- 55 gallon setup - - Comes with:
    Black wooden stand and hood
    Used fluval 305 (wasn't at peak performance when tank was broken down)
    Satellite Freshwater LED+ lights w/remote
    Original lights (didn't work when tank was broke down, maybe easy fix)
    Pythons to drain/fill the tank

    **SOLD**- Fluval 306 - - Brand new in sealed box. I'll throw an unused flex brush to clean the tubing when you'll eventually need to.

    **SOLD**- 5 gallon metal frame - - Slate bottom. Holds water. Last time I tested it, I added hot water and kept changing it with increasingly hotter water to near boiling to "reset" the old tar seals. I really hate to get rid of it, hence the price.

    - HOT magnum 250/55/U - $60 - New in box. Comes with extra filter.

    - 30" T5 HO double fixture - $20 - Zoo Med Comes with one new bulb.

    Live tanks

    **pending**- 3.5 gallon cube 9"x9"x10" - $10 -
    livestock: Dragonscale betta, Subwassertang
    accessories: driftwood, custom plexi lid w/LED lights, heater, Tom internal filter

    **SOLD** - 29 gallon - -
    livestock: (I'll also throw in the food they were eating as well) 4x Betta ocellata, 3x mega clown pleco L340, one black khuli loach, water lilies, anubias (barteri and nana), narrow leaf java fern, java moss, subwassertang
    accessories: driftwood, glass lid, 2x LED lights (different brands), Penguin bio-wheel 200 w/ extra filter pads.

    If you are interested in multiple things or if you think any of the prices are too high, just send me a pm and I will try to work up a better deal for you.

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    I'll take these:
    - 30" T5 HO double fixture - $20 - Zoo Med Comes with one new bulb
    - the 3.5 gallon cube.

    You got a pic pf that 33g long? Its a 48" length?

    I'm also looking for a nice wood stand that will fit a 55g.
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    What are the dimensions of the 80 gallon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckinthemiddle View Post
    I'll take these:
    - 30" T5 HO double fixture - $20 - Zoo Med Comes with one new bulb
    - the 3.5 gallon cube.

    You got a pic pf that 33g long? Its a 48" length?

    I'm also looking for a nice wood stand that will fit a 55g.
    Sounds good to me.
    I will try to get some pics up later today. But, yeah the 33 long has the same footprint of the standard 55.
    I have a 55 setup listed with wooden stand and hood and other accessories. I'd rather not split it up. If you're on the fence about the 55 setup send me a pm. I'll try to work out a good deal for you, especially since you're getting multiple things.

    At any rate, I will try to post pics up later. Depending on how cooperative my phone is going to be today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by likestofish View Post
    What are the dimensions of the 80 gallon?
    The 80 measures 48.5L x 19.5W x 20.5H
    Acquired through effort.

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    Pm sent with my cell phone number.

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    I can actually make it to the auction tomorrow to meet up with people. Just let me know if you're interested in anything and I'll load it up tonight.

    Acquired through effort.

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    Chris, if you still have that 30g tank, put me down for that. I want to transfer my nano fish into a larger tank. I'll be at the auction tomorrow. I'm downsizing as well. Just burned out.

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    Clearing out everything

    I sent you a pm about the Betta tank

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