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Thread: Premier Aquatics - OneCove Algae Magnets!!!

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    Premier Aquatics - OneCove Algae Magnets!!!

    Cove Algae Magnets!!!

    New algae magnets from One Cove! These are really nice strong cleaning magnets. Wood finished dry sides. Options for aquariums of all sizes. Work on both Glass and Acrylic. The full sized "professional" magnets come with replacements pads for glass/acrylic and they ready for razor attachments. Oh and they all float! =)

    Sizes and Pricing...

    X1 Magnet Cleaner = $25.00
    X3 Magent Cleaner = $35.00
    X5 Magnet Cleaner = $50.00
    X6 Magnet Cleaner = $60.00

    Pro Magnet Cleaner SM = $65.00
    Pro Magnet Cleaner M-Plus = $110.00
    Pro Magnet Cleaner L-Plus = $130.00

    Come in and check them out! You will not find these online! If you have any questions please PM us on here or call the store at (770) 321-8404

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