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Thread: Current list, Auction deliveries

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    Current list, Auction deliveries

    Here is my current list, I will bring some of these fish to put in the auction, but can not bring everything, so if you see something you want, please pre-order and pick it up before the auction on Sunday Ken

    Current list:
    Central Americans
    Amatitlania siquia "Rio Claro" 1" $5
    Amatitlania siquia "Rio Monga" 1" $5
    Amatitlania sp Honduran Red Point "Rio Danli" 1" $5
    Amatitlania sp Honduran Red Point "Rio Danli" 2-3" young pairs $20
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus Calico 1'1.5" $5
    Amatitlania cf nigrofasiatus Rio Choluteca 1" $5
    Amatitlania hybrid Calico nigrofasiatus x HRP 2-3" pairs $20
    Amphilophus citranellus F1 Lago Nicaragua 1/2" $5
    Amphilophus trimaculatum 1/2" $5
    Hypsophrys nicaraguensis 1" $5

    South Americans
    Australoheros sp "Local" F2 1-1.5" $5
    Cichlasoma dimerous "Belle Union" F1 1-2" $5
    Geophagus stiendacneri 1" $5
    Gymnogeophagus sp "Batovi Blue" F1 1/2" $10
    Gymnogeophagus labiatus "Tres Pointes" F2 1" $10
    Gymnogeophagus psuedolabiatus "Tres Cruces" F1 1" $10
    Krobia Itany 1" $5
    Pterophyllum scalare $5 Pinoy Black, Pinoy Blacklace, Pinoy blue, Koi, Blushing, Smoky

    Aulonocra Ngara 1-2" $5
    Neochromis omnicaeruleus 1-2" $5
    Psuedotropheus demasoni 1-2" $5
    Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback" 1" $5

    Gambusia holbrooki with Spotted males $10 Trio
    Fundulus heteroclitus "Mummichog" 3" $10 pair

    Babies to small to sell but available soon:
    Australoheros sp Gajo F1
    Amatitlania naolueteus
    Parachromis motoguense Rio Copan F2
    Amatilania kana
    Astatotilapia sp. "tomato"
    Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor
    Amatitlania cutteri
    Amatitlania siquia Lago Nicaragua
    Black sagittae x wild citranellus
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste

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    I have Red Dragon Flowerhorn growouts too 2.5-4" Males and females $30-50 depending on grade
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste


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