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Thread: Howdy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canoe View Post
    When you see all the stuff that we have to remove from the forums, it is no surprise to me that there is a limit on what permissions are given to new members. I just removed a post and banned a new member because their content was rather "suggestive." Photos only, no text. Need I say more!
    No surprises here. I know from firsthand experience that dealing with scammers, bots and trolls isn't the best way to spend your time :)

    So yeah, I totally get limiting the actual posting/posting of URL's/linking or uploading pictures/etc... for new forum members, for sure.

    What I'd considered a bit 'odd' was that it looked like I could do all the worst stuff like post, link pictures, upload pictures, send PM's etc...
    I just couldn't do harmless things like set the post ordering to 'oldest first' and trying to read the forums in 'newest first' mode was .
    It just seemed that a paid club membership is usually a pretty good anti-spam validation. (No guarantee with some folks I know. LOL)
    Thankfully though... all is normal now.

    Quote Originally Posted by aXio View Post
    Welcome to the family!
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