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Thread: (severely) downsizing

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    (severely) downsizing

    Location: Athens GA

    First of all, my apologies for not responding to PMs for a while. I haven't been able to keep up with the hobby for months. Now it's time to face the reality (and the wife) - getting rid of most of the fish stuff.

    - Everything is paypal only, and Paypal to hold.
    - I'll keep adding to this thread. More tanks, equipment and DRIFTWOOD. Stay tuned

    First batch to go:

    - a 96x18 shelf with the following tanks (up and running now):
    ---Bottom: 2x 55s with light and cover
    ---middle: 2x 30s (36x12) with lights and cover and 1x20g (24x12) with cover
    ---top: 3x 20Ls
    ---Trying to sell as a package first. Total=250g. $200 firm


    - a 72x18 shelf with the following tanks (up and running now):
    ---Bottom: 135 (72x18x24)
    ---middle: 100 (72x18 footprint, just shorter than 125/135)
    ---top: 5x 10s
    ---Trying to sell as a package first. Total=285g. $200 firm

    - a 45g corner tank with stand and cover that looks like this (google image)
    --- $40 firm SOLD

    - 2x 40Bs.
    ---one brand new never used $35
    ---one very good condition (bought new with the other one) $30
    ---both for $60
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    Where are you located, before I go any further?

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    im most interested in your fishes......i may have some of your offspring, some H. liberifer i got this supper from Jim in fish. Good luck to you

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    Thanks! Not many fish left. Jim bred those H. liberifer himself.

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    Dang. Too far for me, unfortunately. I wish you were closer. I'd snatch up the 135g group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peathenster View Post
    You need a truck anyway
    I have a Jeep with a trailer hitch. But because it's a Jeep, very poor fuel mileage. That and I'm not comfortable with interstate driving anymore. But dang. I may have to reconsider.

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    Okay. I'm still thinking. So the tanks and the stand. Is it just tanks and the stand, or are there any filters with them? Yes, I'm seriously considering this at this point. I *need* that 135.

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    It's just the stand and tanks. I should have extra filters for sale too. Just haven't gotten around to organizing everything yet.


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