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Thread: 180g tank with stand, canopy, sump.

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    180g tank with stand, canopy, sump.


    This is the tank for sale. It's a peninsula type, meaning it's meant to sit longways out into a room. Comes with stand, canopy, sump, pump, all plumbing, HOB overflow, and the nifty little pump to make sure the HOB overflow never loses pressure. It belongs to the room-mate, but since I'm home all the time I'm selling it for him. We were going to do a freshwater tank, but it's too much for me to deal with (I want a smaller tank of my own) so he said sell it.

    $1200, slightly negotiable. Located in Mableton (near Austell, Smyrna, Powder Springs). We're about 10 or so miles from the community center, if that helps.

    You will need a big truck and/or trailer, and some strong people to move this thing. Yes, it holds water. I filled it up to clean it, let it sit for 2-3 weeks and then started scrubbing and draining. I lost suction at the last 2-3 inches and haven't figured out how to get the rest of the water out yet. It was originally a saltwater tank, so there is some coraline on the plumbing and overflow box, and the remnants of fan worms in the sump that I couldn't reach to scrub out. And yes, there is a strip that goes along the edge of the top of the stand - it was removed so the tank could be pulled off the stand without damaging it.

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