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Thread: Uaru and Panda Uaru's for sale and more for downsizing

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    Uaru and Panda Uaru's for sale and more for downsizing

    Another round of livestock on my downsizing- I will get to the hardware as soon as I sell the rest of the fish.

    Regular type Uaru- 4 pcs. all large ( two have been clearing areas to spawn but just not quite ready yet) - $10.00/ piece all 4 for $35.00 SOLD

    Panda uaru- 3 large and two small I have had them over 6 months all acclimated to tap water - $100.00 for the group SOLD

    Blackberry Silver Dollars group of 9 for 150.00 ( these wholesale for 100 a piece) all healthy and fat about 4" now SOLD

    Red Hook- 1 pc 4"-5" $10.00 SOLD

    Roosevelti silver dollars 4 pcs - $20.00 for the group ( lots of spots)

    Hecklii cichlid 1pcs - $8.00 SOLD

    Festivum - 4 pcs -3" group $12.00 SOLD

    Jurapari- 2pcs - 4-5" 7.50/ pc. SOLD

    Wild discus- 8pcs - $25.00/ each all good size and healthy ( there is one semi Royal in that bunch) SOLD

    If you text me I can send you pics its easier that way.

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    dang it!! ida taken those uarus....good luck on the rest of them!!

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    I wish I had another 75 gallon tank, I would buy those discus from you in a heart beat.
    75g Planted Discus tank

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    Just saw those discus today, they are monsters and very pretty.


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