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Thread: HOT magnum filters

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    HOT magnum filters

    Hey guys - i have one that has died, or i cant get to work. The impeller shaft button on the bottom seems to be stuck in the bottom of the filter and i cant get it out. So the new impeller doesnt sit correctly and wont work.

    Id love another filter or similar if anyone has one.,

    ill pay cash.


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    I bet I can get that button out and get yours going again if you want to meet up sometime. I used to have a couple hots I ran think u still have some parts I might donate to you if I can find them while I’m at it.

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    Thanks Mac, i would like that. I can do it in a few weeks, i can bring it to you, or you can come and get some fishes if you want

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    Sounds good Richard just let me know when is a good time to meet up.


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