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Thread: Subscription snail service?

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    Subscription snail service?

    So I had an idea--- I know people buy snails from me for live foods, but I was thinking--- if shipping & costs were cheap enough, would anyone be interested in a *subscription snail service* as live food for whatever fish they have that would eat it? I'm thinking the target audience here would be keepers of small puffers - i.e. figure eight puffers, dwarf puffers, south american puffers. How many of you locals keep fish like these? How many would be interested in something like that? How many snails (ramshorn) would you go through per week and what would you be willing to pay (shipping included) for that?

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    Monthly snail service would be so cool! I would pay like $15/ 50 snails. That would at least help with postage. I only have 1 puffer, and his tank has plenty of snails at the moment because he is t.i.n.y !

    Cool idea!

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