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Thread: Laetacara dorsigera bred on me! From the auction.

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    Laetacara dorsigera bred on me! From the auction.

    I got these guys at the auction a little while ago.

    Been a few days now. Total fry count has dropped dramatically but still at least a hundred.

    They are in a tank with ada aquasoil and a huge amount of subwassertang and an Amazon sword. So, lots of places to hide and low pH. Along with weekly water changes of about 40-50%.

    They have been getting a variety of frozen foods and pellets. Do a rotation/combination of daphnia, callanus from pe, mysis shrimp, spurlina brine shrimp and blood worms. That is in the mornings. And then some pe's pellets or some bug based pellets for dinner.

    My first cichlid to breed! So, that is fun. Also, Bob Major, said on Facebook that these were his and are F1's so that is also awesome.

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    Congrats! They are very cool fish. :)


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