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Thread: RSVP for Holiday Party

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    RSVP for Holiday Party

    Hey folks! It's time to get ready for the holiday party! Because we are catering food in this time there will be a $5 charge per person for members and $10 for non-members. I need to get an idea of count before I finalize the food order so the sooner you can RSVP by sending $5 via Paypal to the better. This should be a great event!

    Len DiCenso

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    Where is it this year?

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    Windy Hill Community Center

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    Meeeeee meeeeeee I also wanna help decorate

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    What time is the holiday party?

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    I have RSVP for Tia and my self.

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    I have sent $10 via papal for Paula and myself. Looking forward to the event.

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    We're going to start lunch at 12:00 and go from there. There will be details in Fish Talk.

    Thanks for RSVPing! It's gonna be a blast. I think I may have something that gets stolen a few times in the gift exchange. ;)

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    I won’t be able to make it unfortunately.

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    Looking forward to the party! Money sent thru PayPal.


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