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Thread: 2017 Holiday Party

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    2017 Holiday Party

    Our December meeting will be our annual Holiday Party. We will be catering lunch from Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q. Because we will be doing food, we'll need members to RSVP. To that end, there will be a $5 cost for each member. Non-members will be welcome, but will be charged $10 each. Once we're nice and full, we'll move into our White Elephant gift exchange. Participation is completely voluntary, but everyone always has a blast. Everyone that participates brings in a wrapped Aquaria related gift (~ $20 value). We then draw numbers (1 through our number of participants) to determine the order. #1 then chooses one of the gifts to open. Then #2 would have the choice between opening another gift OR “stealing” the gift that #1 has. If they choose to steal, #1 would then open another gift. That repeats until everyone has had a turn. There are a couple other details, but they are slipping my mind at the moment. We're planning to start lunch at 12:00.

    After we all catch our breath from laughing, we'll move into our annual Fish Buck auction. This is where your attendance and volunteering pay off. It is also a blast! I'll be picking up $400 worth of aquatic supplies and we may have a sponsor or two that would like to donate to the event. The catch is that all items will be pulled one by one from black bags so that no one knows what will come up or how many items there are. That simple fact has led to quite a bit of past hilarity. I wish I could remember the year, but the 1000 fish buck air stone always makes me chuckle.

    Hope to see everyone at the holiday party!


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    BUMP. All my shopping is done. Lots of good stuff for the Fish Buck auction!

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    Omg really someone spent $1000 fish bucks on an air stone??? That’s fantastic! I would love to hear all the grisly detail!

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    1000 Fish Bucks.

    Members earn fishbucks for attending meetings, and as rewards for all the volunteering we do during the year at things like the auction, or setting up tanks in schools or hospitals. Now, they do not earn them quickly, 10 for a meeting, 25 per hour volunteering... so to have a thousand is a LOT of work throughout the year.

    Now, the Kicker is that fishbucks are only used during the volunteer rewards auction at the Holiday Party... and they don't transfer to the next year.

    So, if you still have money left for the last item up for auction...
    - Jeremy

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    People also tend to pool fish bucks together when it comes to the last air stone


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