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    Hello! Newbie to this hobby planning to set up a 5 gallon planted shrimp tank soon. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys and benefiting from your experience!

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    Welcome VEEK! Look forward to meeting you at our future meetings. I need to warn you, I've been a member for a few years and I now suffer from "Multi Tank Syndrome" and enjoying!

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    Haha thanks! No doubt I may suffer from the same fate soon.

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    Welcome aboard Veek! Just a 5G? I have a few 20s available really cheap. ;)

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    Oh yeah 5G for now I guess. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll move it into my office and go for something bigger.

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    Welcome! My wife and I are just getting back into the hobby, currently setting up a 20 gal for a pair/trio of dwarf cichlids. We look forward to seeing you at the meetings.


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