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Thread: Why are BBS killing my fry?

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    Why are BBS killing my fry?

    I have started feeding my Tiger Barb fry fresh hatched baby brine shrimp. I fed them this for the first time last night and again this morning.

    They have started to die. Some are fine yet others have expired.

    I am going to stop feeding them the BBS until I find out what is happening.



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    Are you filtering out the egg cases?

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    Yes. But I suspect not completely. Will they kill fry?

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    If the fry eat the cases they will block them up. Maybe too much current so chasing the bbs is using more energy than they are gaining

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    i have had the same issues with the shells. i cant seem to get them to separate like everyone says is so easy. i get them mostly, but some dont, and i lost fry when they are small.

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    You could try decap.


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