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Thread: Heater w digital controller

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    Heater w digital controller

    Hello 4A friends-- Typically I remove the heaters from my 3 tanks during the warm months. Last month I reinstalled them. I found to my surprise that my 150W Finnex submsersible Titanium Digital Controll Heater (HMO-150) had become very inaccurate, after 1 year of use. When the controller showed that it was 81 F, the actual tank temp was 73.5 deg! I checked the tank temp with a mercury thermometer and also my cheap LCD thermometer. Is it possible somehow to re-set this heater? Or is it a complete loss. Has anyone experience with this model? Can you please advise me of a more reliable replacement? Thanks for your advice!

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    Hello hello. What size tank is your 150W in? What is the ambient temperature of the room the heater is in? You will generally need 3 watts per gallon to be able to heat a tank to a set point about 9*F warmer than the room it is in. For tanks that are in basements, garages, or if you have fish that just love tropical water (85*F or warmer), you'll want 5 watts per gallon if you want to get the temp to about 15-18*F warmer than room temp. I have had excellent luck with JBJ Manufacturing's titanium heaters, which have served me WELL for the past 6+ years.
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    Thank you for your information. The tank is only 20g and it is located in my basement. Basement temp is 68 deg F. Unless there is some way to re-set the Finnex heater I will have to replace it because the controller reading is so inaccurate with respect to the tank water temp. I would appreciate any other suggestions for a replacement heater with external controller.

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    Eheim Jaeger heaters are readily available at most chain pet stores.

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    I decided to buy the Aqueon 100106107 Pro Adjustable Heater, 150 Watt because it had a plastic instead of glass body. I would like to know if any 4A members have experience with this unit. Do members advise buyin a temperature controller to connectto their inexpensive heaters, in case of overheating? Thanks for any additional comments about heaters!

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    Only brand that I personally trust is the Ehiem Jager. All the cheap heaters from Marineland, Aqueon, Topfin, etc scare me way too much too use them. Marineland had that massive recall 6-7 years ago and I hear alot of horror stories about the Aqueon heaters lately.

    My recommendation would be either go for a Ehiem Jager if you want a tradition style heater. If not get a titanium on a good quality controller. Via Aqua, JBJ, and Aquatop are all the same titanium heater just re-branded. Either of those 3 brands will work very well. Titanium will always be the best and safest choice since it is hooked up to a controller. Never personally used anything from the Finnex brand so I can not comment on those specifically.

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    Thanks very much for this information. I wish I had received your post before I purchased the Aqueon. It will arrive soon and I will post about my experience with this unit.

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    I used to have great experience w/ Aqueon. However, I have had several bad batches lately. They don't stop working - they just don't turn off and they cook the fish. I will only use my Aqueon's now if they are significantly undersized and then I use multiple ones.

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    If any other 4A members have experience with this or other heaters, I would be very interested in their opinions!

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