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Thread: Chambered breeder tank modifications

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    Chambered breeder tank modifications

    Hello everyone, been a LOONG time since ive posted. A friend of mine got out of the hobby fish world and sold me his super sweet custom made acrylic 40g breeder with built in filtration. Problem is, its divided into 3 chambers with black dividers. really cuts down on the ability for my current fish to swim. Im trying to figure out how to remove or cut out the dividers. I have seen that acrylic tanks once the panels are bonded, they essentially melt the acrylic and cant really be un-done. Anyone got any ideas as to how I could modify this tank? I thought about just using an air jig saw and make some slow precise cuts leaving maybe 1/2 inch of material still stuck to the tank and living with it, or just cutting holes for the fish to swim back n forth in, but I really want an open tank.

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    Tank would make and excellent sump as is, but I know you want it as an open tank. If it were me, I wouldn't try and open it completely (trying to get the panels off the front glass would leave a real ugly mark). I would probably use the slots and cut it open based on these slots. as for the bottom, I would cut it so the gravel/sand would cover it.

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    Probably better off trading it with someone for a tank you want


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