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Thread: Custom tank

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    Custom tank

    Looking for info on custom tank builders. I have a spot in my house that I would really like to but a tank in but the wall I want to put it on is only 46 inches wide and I want to go longer than a standard 36” tank. Amy info or experience with custom tanks would b very helpful


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    We do custom work at Premier Aquatics. We work with some of the best aquarium manufacturers to meet just about any needs and "out of the box" designs. We can either get you a quotes based on your exact measurements and specifications or we can send our service manager to the location to do an onsite consult. If you are interested please call our store at (770) 321-8404 and ask for Rusty or myself (Jakub).

    Look forward to possibly working with you =)
    Jakub Lapinski - Premier Aquatics Manager
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    Thank you, I will come by the shop sometime soon


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