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Thread: Water Issue in Griffin?

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    Water Issue in Griffin?

    Hi, all. I'm looking for folks in the Griffin area that can give me some insight on the water there. My sister lives in Griffin and is having trouble with her tank. I've been trying to help her over the phone for a couple months now, but I'm not sure what else to tell her.

    She is trying to keep 2 small goldfish in a 30g tank, and not having any success.

    Apparently, her tap water maxes out the API ammonia test. I have suspicions that it is actually chloramine, but that is unconfirmed at this point. I have given her cycled ceramic media for her HOB filter and have switched her over to using Prime for dechlorination instead of whatever she picked up at Walmart. I asked her to use 2x the normal Prime dosage to hopefully counteract the suspected chloramine. She has been doing ~30% weekly water changes. Her replacement goldfish lasted a month.

    She also has a betta in a 5g that she is apparently buying spring water for and he is doing great. She just needs to figure out the larger tank.
    Any insights on the quality of Griffin tap water? Any special treatments needed to make it better for fish?

    She's a veterinarian, and getting upset that she can perform complex surgeries but can't keep goldfish alive. :/


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    441 -- there is a 2016 report that states that they have 2 ppm chlorine in the locations they tested. Pretty high if it's free chlorine, normal if it's chloramine. the report just refers to it as 'chlorine' which is about as useful as nothing. I also see that they don't report free AND total chlorine. indicates that there are chlorine boosters needed for the northern region of Spalding county. What I find interesting is that City of Griffin uses chlorine dioxide as a pre-treatment step. I also see that sedimentation is a big problem for their treatment plants. The nitrate level looks okay. That said, I know a number of fishkeepers in Griffin that haven't reported any problems.

    Is the water from the tap being tested, or is it after treatment? Certain chemicals like AmmoLock will give you a false positive reading. Remember that Prime really will only quench about... 1 ppm.


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