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Thread: Adult Discus!

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    Adult Discus!

    I have 5 discus for sale, would really prefer if they go together. 2 are full grown and 3 are almost full grown. They are large fish and need a large tank.
    Blue scorpion: over 6" - Malaysian import- Na discus - confirmed male
    albino white butterfly: 6" -Malaysian import- Na discus -confirmed male
    golden lollipop: 5" Kenny's/Forrest
    leopard: 5" Kenny's/Forrest - confirmed female
    red melon: 5" local breeder
    The BS and leopard are a spawning pair. I did my best with size estimates. Will text pics if interested. I live in Augusta but drive to Atlanta once a month.
    Asking 350$ for the group
    I would love to keep these guys but need to make room for my star tortoises.

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    Wondering if you still have discus? I'm interested.

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    Sorry, these have been sold.


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