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Thread: Philippine Blue Angels

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    Philippine Blue Angels

    I've had this line of angels for about 4 years now. When we sold the house and closed down the fish room I kept a couple of pairs in my father-in-laws garage. Moved them to the new fish house back in March and it has taken this long to get them to breed again. I was afraid I had lost the line. Of all the angels I have bred this are my favorites. Pb, veil, heavy glitter. They throw smokys, zebras, paraiba, blushing and platinums.

    20171216_221204 by Larry Bugg, on Flickr

    20171216_221256 by Larry Bugg, on Flickr

    20171215_215715 by Larry Bugg, on Flickr

    20171215_215257 by Larry Bugg, on Flickr
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    Usually not a fan of morphs but these are a really nice pair.


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