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Thread: Fully Loaded ADA 45p setup

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    Fully Loaded ADA 45p setup

    • Fully Loaded ADA 45p setup ($500) – Tank, stand, fugeray light, fertz, lily pipes, etc.
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    Nobody want this setup? It a complete setup with co2 n everything

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    You should wait a few days... people might have a few bucks after Christmas returns!

    Cumming, GA

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    im sorry to say, but $500 is way too much for a 'fish tank' that size. I understand that its a special set up, and it retails for a lot more. However, we are hobbyists of all kinds, and essentially no one is interested in that section of the hobby. So you have to market to other areas, or lower the price. Certainly there are no 10 gallon tank set ups worth $500. I spent $350 on a 125 gallon tank, stand and canopy. Furniture grade.....i dont think anyone will even consider that price. Im not insulting, just stating facts.
    Good luck to you on it.

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    For a true hobbyist that do planted tank $500 is not that much, they spend even way more when they find the right system. Yes you could buy a 125 gallon with furniture upgrades but can you use it for a planted tank? You could but that going to cost you way more money n time, planted tank it look better in a small tank with high quality glass. To me mountainman I don’t think you have ever try to do a planted tank yet.

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    ive had a 90 gallon planted tank for 20 years. With diy co2, and with a 5lb cylinder. With no fish, and with fish. Ive spent a lot of money on my planted tanks over the years. But never $50 a gallon. That would be 4500 for that tank. i havent spent that much on ALL my tanks (125, 90, 20 and 5.5 in my office, and another 400 gallons in 15 or so tanks in my garage fish room) put together for the last 20 years.

    Your price is out of line for the general hobbyist. The tank itself is only 100$, so im not sure what else you have to add $400. A Fugeray light is about $75, and some of those rocks....a used price on aquarium equipment is less than half of retail at best. more like 25-35%.

    Im not attacking you, or insulting. Just stating facts.
    Good Luck to you on it. It wont sell here for that price.
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