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Thread: Betta macrostoma group buy

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    Betta macrostoma group buy

    I have the opportunity to get 2-3 wild breeding pairs and a few dozen juvies from them. The older juvies are sexable, and the younger batches are 1, 2, 3 months younger, respectively.

    This will be a package deal and obviously I don't need that many. Rather than starting a full blown breeding operation myself, I thought I'd check to see if anybody would want to go in with me. Pricing is not set yet and will depend on quantity/size, but it will be a good deal!

    Please pm (or text if you know my number) if you are interested with how many and what size. If there's enough interest I'll make it happen. Please also note that paypal deposit (fully refundable if it doesn't work out) may be required.

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    Anybody else wants some? Going to finalize in a couple of days.


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