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Thread: Nano tanks

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    Nano tanks

    Looking to make the switch from planted nano tanks to a saltwater so these tanks are up for sale. Each one was used less than 6 months and comes with everything shown (including the pump on the marineland which is not shown). $25 for the marineland portrait and $30 for the deep blue setup. The deep blue dimensions are 10x10x10 and the marineland is a 5 gallon tank. Would also be interested in trading for/towards a 10 gallon or larger nano for saltwater.
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    Interested in the bigger tank. Where you located?

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    Yes. Where are you located. If you are anywhere close to Alpharetta I’d take the $30 tank (the one on the right I believe)

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    Located in Roswell, will not be free to meet though until the 26th.

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    Marineland tank is now sold pending meet.

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    Just sent you a PM
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    All tanks are now sold pending meet.


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