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    One is for sure a male. The other doesnít go into caves but I canít say itís a male or female. Both are healthy and happy. They love sinking brine shrimp pellets. I will give you a can

    $400 for the two. I wonít split up. Look online. At this size your paying WAY more plus shipping.

    I can meet in Alpharetta. Please text or PM

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    The second one looks like a female. Amazing pair though.

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    Thanks likestofish. I thought so also as the shape of the “torso” is more round and the nose is less round. But i didn’t want to sell as a definite pair unless i found eggs. Hopefully someone is going to get a pair. I know how hard it is to find females...


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    If I had the spare cash laying around I would snap these up in a hot second. But unless you're wanting to do trades a no go from me.

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    I know this is an insult, but i just got $200 cash i wasnt expecting. I would be glad to offer that if you cant find a better option, and really need to sell them. I dont need them, but i am intrigued, and would love to try them. Im not trying to pry them from you, just making a friendly offer.

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    No worries Mountainman. I have one deal and I think another if the first one falls thru...

    I Bsolutely hate giving them up. They are my pride and joy. But I am going to scale down my fish and have some traveling coming up. There are a ton of solid aquarist in the club and trust them to give them the care they require better than I can this spring and summer.


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    They appear to be male and female. I pm'ed you.
    How long have you had them? Do they need to be quarantined?

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    Almost 2 years. No need to quarantine. But I always do when I get fish from others...

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    Great price and a great looking pair of L-046s.
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    Thanks to all that contacted me. The Zebras have been sold



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