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Thread: EHEIM canister 2026 leaks where power cord exits the pump head

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    EHEIM canister 2026 leaks where power cord exits the pump head

    Hello, 4A friends and Happy 2018! Today as I was about to leave town I noticed seepage from the power head of the EHEIM 2026 in my 50g planted community tank. I just couldn't risk it leaking more while I am away and I took it out of service. This filter has been in service for at least 5 years. It is a pain to prime it after cleaning and refilling. Now that it has started to seep, I think a replacement should be considered. I don't think another 2026 would be a good choice bc of the above mentioned problems. So I hope that 4A friends will have some suggestions for updated canister filters. In the meantime I am running 2 Marineland penguin 150s to provide filtration. They are so much easier to clean than the canister. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    if its leaking there, im not sure its repairable. you can get a new motor. The fluval canisters are much easier to prime. ive used them for a long time. good luck with it

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    Its probably just the sealing gasket/o ring. If its been in service for 5 years the o ring is probably worn.You can a set of o rings for about $15 I agree they can be hard to prime.

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    I have a new in box XP XL with one nib foam media. Cheaper than I paid online. PM me if interested.

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    Hello, 4A friends-- Thanks very much for helpful comments about my leaking EHEIM 2026 canister. I was away for a few days so I am a little late to reply. I paid my next door neighbor's teen ager to feed my fish while I was away. All is well. Now back to the canister issue. It turns out this type of leak is a common problem for this filter! And Youtube has a step-by-step video on how to replace the gaskets. There are several screws that have to be removed to reach the gasket on the priming plunger. And the original gasket material is soft, so the replacement gasket has to also be soft or else priming will be even more difficult! Because I am a thrifty person I will take up the challenge to order the gaskets and follow the youtube video to replace. i will update the 4A when I have news of the outcome.

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