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Thread: Considering a LED light for my high light 75gal

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    Considering a LED light for my high light 75gal

    My 4 tube HO T5 fixture is starting to die, so I need a replacement light. Has anyone experience using LED lights for a high to very high light aquarium? I haven't been keeping up with recent developments in aquarium lighting so I am looking for advice on lighting.
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    LED do well for that. however, they die at some point and cant be replaced like a bulb....but all told the cost for unit replacement every 4-5 years vs bulbs every 6-9 months (high light only) makes up for that issue. I have a fluval plant plus light on my 90 24" tall tank and its growing plants well. Id like more light but some weird electrical thing happens and i cant run a t5 with it, the fluval just cycles on and off. I dont want it badly enough to spend another $150, so i have a single fixture on it.

    dont compare wattages, the LED are more efficient.

    good luck

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    I have a planted+ as well it does really well, super bright. A lot of the YouTubers swear by the Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 but it's out of my price range. I also am using some led work lights like these. Super super bright and fairly inexpensive. Would work great if you had a canopy and you screwed 3-4 of these in the top.


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