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Thread: aquariums 4 sell.

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    aquariums up for grabs. new pics.

    i have 2 30 gallon, non leaking fish aquariums plus a iron stand that holds both.

    I'm in roswell by the way.

    here are the tanks (a better pic.) best I can get with this dang phone.
    and stand. stand is super clean as it was never used.

    tanks for 30
    stand for 25.

    will not sell stand until tanks are gone.
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    id rather the fishing poles

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    lol might as well I haven't used them in months.
    waiting on shark season. I just trout fish inbetween

    still cant believe I haven't gotten a offer yet on these.

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    Not many people make offers. You will have much better luck posting your own prices. Most buyers skim through the forms to see if anything catches their eye. Rarely will the stop to make an offer unless it is something you don't see often or a unique item.

    Also keep in mind that 29 gallons are not going to sell so fast, because you are competing with $29 for a brand new one at the Petco dollar per gallon sale. Also the tanks are pretty dirty looking in the pictures, which in my experience makes people think the tanks are very old and worn out. I always give my used aquariums a vinegar bath and a good scrub down before posting pictures for sale.

    If you want these to go fast then you are looking at around $10-15 per aquarium at most.
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    Honestly best I could offer for that would be like 35, they look like older tanks and like Axio said the picture really isn't flattering.

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    i'll do a better pic when the wife gets back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by likestofish View Post
    Honestly best I could offer for that would be like 35, they look like older tanks and like Axio said the picture really isn't flattering.

    your very close to what I might take.

    Berkeley is a nice fishing hole likestofish.

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    Oh you've been out this way? It's gotten a lot better after we drained and restocked. Much better management has produced several fish pushing 7 pounds within 3 years. Probably get double digits by the end of the decade.

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    well, which Berkley are ya talking about exactly?
    they say that bass grow 1lb a yr on average.
    lake management is key.
    the hard part is getting everybody on board.


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