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Thread: Live food cultures

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    Live food cultures

    Looking for live food cultures to start growing food for my breeding projects.

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    I can offer gammarus shrimp and microworms. And a not so well doing culture of grindals along with the stuff you would need to revive them.

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    Are you going to the meeting on the 20th?

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    No. Can't do Saturdays.

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    Could you meet Wednesday?

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    Too short of a notice as I have to capture enough to make it worth meeting. Give me 1 or 2 weeks and let me know if you are still interested and I can have a grindal worm, culture going as well. But I have no interest in meeting anywhere as I won't charge for the cultures. So pick up would be at my house in Acworth.

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    That's understandable would the gammarus be able to be kept in a sump to keep breeding? If not if the worm cultures are available I'm swinging by that way Wednesday so just wanted to get things done in one trip. If not I can wait, not like the fish have fry yet just wanted to be prepared.

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    I would prefer you wait a week so I can have everything ready at once..

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    That's fine too


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