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Thread: WANTED : Bichirs and Gar

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    WANTED : Bichirs and Gar

    Looking for a few "Jurassic" fish. Really would like to do a Bichir(Polypterus) community. Open to any Bichirs(Polypterus), but would really like Endlicheri, Delhezi, Mokelembembe, Teugelsi.

    Would also like to add a gar (Spotted/Florida)

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    Nobody into the Oddball Tankbusters?

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    I am and I'm sure there are more but hard to get someone to part with them.

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    Check out and Both websites typically have a good selection of polypterus. You could also email, as they usually have more exotic polypterus.

    Most people who keep polypterus are addicts, and won't be willing to sell any.

    Keep in mind that the larger species do best in 180+ gallon tanks.

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    I used to be dont have anymore


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