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Thread: High Tech Planted Tank for sale

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    High Tech Planted Tank for sale

    Items for Sale:
    ADA45P Setup w/ Aquasky - $350 (See detailed description below)
    Ohko Dragon Stone (~45lbs) - $75
    Finnex Ray2 (18") LED - $20

    ADA45P Setup Details:
    ADA 45P (Retail: $100)
    ADA Aquasky 451 (Retail: $230)

    Black Aquarium Stand (Retail: $100)
    Eheim 2213 Cannister Filter with media basket (Retail: $85)
    ADA Filter Media (Retail: $25)
    Hydor 200 Inline heater (Retail: $50)
    GLA CO2 inline atomizer (Retail: $40)
    Glass lily pipe set (Retail: $100)
    ADA thermometer (Retail: $15)
    5 pound CO2 tank (Retail: $75)
    Milwaukee MA957 CO2 regulator (Retail: $90)
    CO2 resistant tubing and check valve (Retail: $10)
    18" RGB LED adjustable back light (Retail: $30)
    ADA Aquasoil (Retail: $30)
    Driftwood Retail: (Retail: $75)

    Retail Total: $955
    Asking Price: $350

    **Tank is not currently aquascaped and has been drained and dried for easy transportation
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    Interested in the rock. Pmd you.

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    I wanted to buy all the ohko stone. 6787934884

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    Sorry it pending at the moment, someone is a step ahead of u. I will let u know if it fall thru

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    Please let me know if it falls thru. I would love to buy it at 75 full asking price


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