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Thread: Group Order From Cichlids of The Americas

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    Group Order From Cichlids of The Americas

    I plan to order a couple fish from COTA soon, but I can't find enough fish I want to meet the minimum order price. If anyone wants anything, all I'm asking you pay is what the fish you want costs + $4 to go towards shipping.

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    For anyone who doesn't know what Cichlids of the Americas is, it's one of the best online stores to buy rare central/south american cichlids from. They currently have most species of Vieja in stock, even some of the more rare species. These are the most colorful american cichlids you can buy, along with being very personable on top of that. COTA also has all parachromis species (wolf cichlid, jaguar cichlid, and related), Amphilophus (Red devil and related species), Ex Cichlasoma species, and many more.

    For anyone interested in doing this, feel free to make a request so I can purchase it along with my order. I would hold the fish in my quarantine, or possibly even the 210 depending on how many I end up with. After that it would work the same as a normal fish sale on this forum; we discuss which day is best to meet, and you buy the fish you requested for the price listed on the website. The only reason I ask for the extra $4 is because each fish ordered increases the shipping cost for me, and the $4 helps go towards shipping.

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    I checked out the site and thanks for posting! Question, is the minimum $100 here in the states?

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    Yes, $100 minimum for all orders within the US.

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    Looks like everything they have is larger cichlids?

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    I"ll take TWO Caquetaia Spectabilis 5-6"=$60.00 +$8.00=$68.00
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    Thanks, just double checking...

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    Including the fish I'm interested in, the total is currently $62. Is anyone else interested? A few more fish are still needed to reach the $100 minimum.

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    For anyone on the bubble - I've ordered from Dan at COTA a few times and have always been happy with his stock and shipping - would not hesitate to order from him again. I mostly purchased Amphilophus, Parachromis and Vieja. If anyone is really interested in the Vieja mentioned below, I have a 9" female Synspilum and 7" TBD/likely male Regani from COTA I am looking to scale down from - as well as several Barred Midas offspring.


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